A Commitment To Your Child’s Safety

Cleaning And Sanitization Measures That Safeguard Health

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Miami, FL

Daily Sanitizing Keeps Germs Away

Daily sanitizing keeps your child’s classes and bathrooms germ-free, and giving close attention to high-traffic spots like doorknobs and light switches assures a deep clean that keeps your child healthy.

Temperature And Health Screenings Ensure Wellness

Every day, your child and the staff get their temperatures checked for signs of fever. Health screenings also ensure all who enter are symptom-free, keeping your child’s spaces free of possible infection.

Increased Hand-Washing Puts A Stop To Germs

After drop off, your child washes their hands first thing, before entering any class, doing the same throughout the day and before you pick them up, killing germs and the possibility of contagion.

Modifications Put In Place To Promote Social Distancing

Adjustments like smaller class sizes, in-house field trips, and rotated schedules help ensure the safest care possible for your child. Re-designing and altering day-to-day activities to keeps everyone safe.

Safe Parent Drop Off And Pick Up Options

Measures like hygiene stations before your child enters, a greeter in place to receive your child, and a designated, trusted person for pick up and drop off help reduce everyone’s exposure to the virus.

Eco-Friendly Spraying For 100% Peace Of Mind

A trusted approach to keeping your child’s space clean is the use of eco-friendly spraying around places that your child touches while they eat their meals, learn new things, or play with their friends. Know there’s an extra step taken.

How Old Is Your Child?


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