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Modern Design, Play, And Safety Rolled Into One Location

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Miami, FL

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Conveniently Located Near Kendall

Minimal, Modern, And Clean Design That Children Enjoy

Classrooms have a beautifully minimal and modern design that shows you what to expect for your child’s experience each day. Eating, playing, learning, and discovering are enjoyable in a clean, safe, and neat environment.

Dedicated Staff That Commit To Showing Children Respect

The team of people that care for your child is an integral part of their overall experience. Staff with manners help show your child by example how to treat others and how to give respect at all times.

A Residential Neighborhood That Feels Just Like Home

The center sits in a mostly residential neighborhood that feels like home. Your child feels comfortable seeing houses and cars just like where they live, and you benefit from care nestled in-between houses.

A Large Playground For Fun Picnics, Art, And More

A colossal playground serves as an outdoor classroom, perfect for digging, art activities, and social lunchtimes. Children go outside two times a day for up to an hour to maintain their physical activity and keep their energy up.

Security Measures That Bring You Peace Of Mind

Never worry about your child’s safety with restricted building access measures that require personalized code access and high-tech video monitoring. When you drop your little angel off, they are safe and sound.

Sanitization Protects Your Child’s Health

Your child stays germ-free and virus-free throughout their day. The things they touch, eating utensils and learning materials are safe for them to use due to non-toxic disinfectant foggers.

How Old Is Your Child?


6 weeks - 12 months


12 - 36 months


36 - 48 months


4 - VPK

Inspire Your Child’s Natural Curiosity And Watch Them Learn And Flourish